Reviews Roll In As The New Apple TV Begins Hitting Store Shelves

Reviews Roll In As The New Apple TV Begins Hitting Store Shelves

The new Apple TV is finally here! And as with any new Apple product release, the media diligently prepared a smorgasbord of reviews all prepped and ready for launch day. A summary of some of this week's major reviews, with links:

Nilay Patel from The Verge writes:

“The potential here is massive: this thing is basically a computer under your TV.”

In his lengthy review for The New York Times, Brian X. Chen says:

“It’s that plethora of innovations and apps that leads me to conclude that the upgraded $149 box is now the best TV streaming device you can get for your money.”

And from Jim Dalrymple, writing for The Loop:

“This Apple TV is nothing like you’ve ever seen from Apple in the past. This is the start of something new for Apple, and for us as consumers.”

While this is only a small sampling of the reviews released last week, they all seem to have a common theme; that Apple is on the edge of delivering another paradigm-changing device. However, any 1.0 version product is bound to have minor issues upon first release, and reviewers pull no punches in pointing out potential cons such as content being a little on the thin side (there are currently no categories to search in the Apple TV App Store), or Siri not always being as helpful as she could be (at the moment, you can’t use Siri to search for music or apps, for example). Nevertheless, the general perception is that these shortcomings are almost to be expected in the initial launch of such a radical undertaking that is the new tvOS platform, and the lack of such obvious features is sure to be only temporary.

In summary, most reviews seem to agree that the Apple TV clearly lays the groundwork for a series of moves towards Apple reinventing how we use and interact with the biggest screen in the house!

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