No 4K Streaming for Apple TV Revamp

No 4K Streaming for Apple TV Revamp

Mac rumor sites are picking up on a story that the next Apple TV will not support 4K video.

John Paczkowski reports:

Sources in position to know tell BuzzFeed News that the 4th generation Apple TV will not initially support 4K video — a newer high-definition video resolution that delivers a more detailed, immersive picture. “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy,” said one source familiar with Apple’s thinking.

I have to agree with the above quote as I can easily count on one hand the people I know who own a 4K television set. Given time 4K sets may eventually gain traction, but it will still be a while before consumer broadband connections (and data caps) will be able to accommodate the bulbous 4K video streams as a common standard.

Bottom line: No 4K Apple TV in the near future. Apple rarely invests in a new format unless there is either a clear consumer demand or it is accompanied by a new hardware offering of of their own. (Hmmm. 55-inch "Retina" Apple TV display anyone? Someday, perhaps...)

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